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Double take

Spent the weekend with the Squid in OK. Except for Blockbuster pissing me off, we had a good time. Also saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, since it was the only thing we could almost agree on. Neither of us was really excited about seeing it. It wasn't great. I suppose it was alright for the $5.50 each it cost me, but it wouldn't be worth the $8.50 it would cost here in Dallas. I also almost got really annoyed with the theater when I learned they did not take debit cards. Fortunately, I had enough cash.

Headed back to Dallas on Sunday, and stopped off in Durant for about 2.5 hours to play some poker. I won a little more than I lost so that wasn't bad. After leaving the poker game, I was driving and talking to Reptile, and passed a Mustang. I looked over as I passed and then had to look back again because the girl driving it was surprisingly hot. I didnt even notice that there was another girl in the car until they passed me a little later. I forgot what I was talking about to Reptile and had to concentrate back on the road. The girl was just that hot.

Almost as hot as Ninsi...

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