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Oklahoma City has already received 10 inches more rain this year than normal. Flooding abounds. It's just weird. El Nino? No. Global Warming? Possibly, but not likely yet. The actual storms would be worse.

Was forwarded this link this morning about a giant microwave that turns plastics back into oil and gas. It's a great idea, and I can see how it should work. There's still a tingle in the back of my head though that says something about it isnt quite right. Maybe it is too easy?

Soundly asleep last night were Ninsi and I. Maybe an hour. Suddenly, both dogs just went nuts barking, and running out of the room downstairs. It's a horribly unpleasant way to be awoken. I dont know what set them off. I went downstairs and looked around outside, but couldnt see or hear anything. Im thinking maybe some other animal, like a cat or opossum stuck its head in the dog door and they heard it. Barley went ahead and woke up every two hours after that, assuring that neither Ninsi or I could get a good sleep in.

Stupid dogs.

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