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Father's Day

When I was a kid, I spent every weekend and Summer at my grandfather's house in Eufaula. Every Summer. Every weekend. It was fun, and I did enjoy it immensly. Eventually, in my early teens, I started to spend less time there. I was busy with my friends and had other things to do on the weekends. Other things often being just 'hanging out.' I still went and spent weekends with my grandfather, just not every weekend. And as I got older, it became less often. I remember it very well.

I suspect that every father knows that one day, his daughter will no longer be a 'Daddy's Girl,' and she will stop thinking Dad hung the moon and is the coolest person ever. You hope the day never really comes, but it does. It came for me today, and it damn near broke my heart.

I was supposed to go up to Oklahoma this weekend and spend it with the Squid. The past couple weeks my mom had been trying to get her to come stay in McAlester for a couple weeks, but the Squid did not want to go. She told me that she would rather hang out with her friends for the Summer. With my mom going to Tulsa tomorrow for the day, it would have been an idea time for the Squid to come back with her to McAlester, and spend a short week with her grandmother, and the weekend with me. But she didnt even want to do that. So, for me to see her this weekend, I would have to drive all the way to Tulsa, if not Dewey, and would not even arrive until 10 pm at best. I called my daughter back and asked her what she would think if we just skipped this weekend.

She was very okay with that plan. I could tell by her voice that she was happier to stay in Dewey for the weekend than spend it with her old man. I knew the day would come. And I completely understand it. I remember what it was like.

That doesn't make it any easier.

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