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I've heard them nesting for a while now. Finally, this morning, when I walked outside, I heard them fluttering about, and looked up. Sitting on the edge of the roof, flitting about from the roof to the tree is half a dozen baby birds. Sparrows, or swallows of some type. Most of them are still puffy with baby feathers, and they couldn't fly very far at all, but they were trying. Best they stay on the front of the house, because if they accidently flew down in the backyard, Im not sure the dogs wouldnt eat them.

The biggest danger they have from being where they are is getting flushed down the drain pipe if it rains heavy. I've already found one dead bird this year that got washed out. I dont know if it got caught up in the rain and flushed down and drowned on the way, or if it tried to build a next in the pipes and got caught that way. It was quite dead though, at the foot of the drain pipe.

Gave more blood today. Results tomorrow.

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