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From teh past...

When I was a freshman in college, I was enrolled in the Engineering college. Anyone so enrolled was automatically granted access to the main computer lab. I spent many hours there tieing up line printers and playing MuDs. Occassionally I would talk to Reptile, who was going to college in Tulsa.

Back then, you could "finger" someone at a remote location to see if they were online. And if they were, you could initiate a "talk" session. This would spilit your screen across the middle and you could see what they type and it was very much like instant messaging is today. With the difference being that you saw each letter as it was typed. And if they backspaced, you saw that. So you could laugh at someone's horrible typing skills. Whereas today, you can type a message, and nothing shows until you send it. And you can spellcheck it first if you need to. Not so with the old method.

Anyway, I haven't used Talk in over Fifteen years (yes, children, we haven't *always* had talk, but it's been around a long time), until today. One of the guys is out sick at home. And rather than message or call me, he opened up a talk session.

Ah, gentle nostalgia.

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I was sure you were gonna make fun of my lack of spell checking before I posted my blog this afternoon.

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