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My car has a problem. Having over one hundred ten thousand miles is not the problem. The interior carpet being ripped from having lost a diamond in it, is not the problem. No, the problem is putting it into gear after I start it.

It is an old issue that went away for a while, and returned today with a vengence. When I went to lunch, I started the car, and tried to put it into drive, but I couldn't take it out of Park. The switch that disengages the transmission so I can shift into Drive wouldn't go. It is supposed to disengage when I push the break. I pumped the brake a couple dozen times. Restarted the car. Finally, after about fifty or sixty brake pumps, it clicked over and I was able to shift to Drive and go on to lunch.

It did it again when I left lunch, but I have figured out a workaround for it, I think. If I turn the key to 'run' but not actually start the car, it will disengage the transmission and I can put the car into neutral. Then I can actually start the car and bypass the whole brake aspect of it.

I should probably take it in to have someone look at it. My poor car. What's the Squid going to do if it should fail me? There was a very good chance she was going to get the Saturn in another three years...

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