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A do nothing weekend. They are rare, but they do happen. This was one such. Ninsi and I had nothing pressing to do. Maybe some laundry, but nothing that was really going to take up much of our time.

She spent most of her time reading. Friday we went out to dinner since we really hadn't in a while. Saturday, she read, while I went over and engaged Reptile in a game of Warhammer 40k. I beat him soundly by the end of the second round. We were drinking while we played, and kept that up after the match. Eventually Ninsi came to get us we went with Dre to see Daywatch. Part two of a Russian movie trilogy. It is a little more comprehensible that the first, though not as much action. I liked it well enough.

Sunday, Ninsi and I went to Zero's house to swim for a while and just sat around by the poolside. It was nice.

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