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She planned it, in secret, for two months. My friends kept it a secret for nearly as long. And Saturday, I was thrown a secret Un-birthday party. When I walked into Reptile's house, and everyone shouted, I was mostly confused. They were shouting, and blowing things and all wearing funny hats. And Ninsi had put a funny hat on my head.

When I get confused, my reaction is to keep doing exactly what I was doing when the confusion started so as to give myself time to figure it out. In this case, I was walking, so I kept walking, into the kitchen to put my stuff down. That gave me enough time to realize what was going on. It probably also had the unintended effect of making me seem not surprised, because I didnt stop and say "Wha?"

It was very cleverly planned, and really, the biggest surprise is that no one let it slip for the two months they've all known. There were a couple close calls. With the biggest near miss being someone in email saying "Dont you have a birthday coming up?" There were other clues, but none significant enough in itself. Looking back, I can remember half a dozen things that I noticed as being a little off, but I never put it all together. I had no reason to suspect anything. I also have a penchant for not asking questions, which made it a lot easier for Ninsi.

But it was a good time. Which a very well done cake. Pity no one brought a camera. Thanks go out to all my friends that were able to make it happen. :)

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i will never ask when your birthday is again. LOL

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