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Basil Spider

Ninsi and I sat on the balcony last night and watched the fireworks. We could see some from Dallas, and some from Arlington. Eventually LoneStar Park started theirs, and we were able to see those as well. The best show we got, though, was from our neighbor on the back. They set off a few hundred dollars worth of fireworks. The kids got up on the carport which abutts our backyard and were setting the mortars off from there. So, from our balcony, we really had the best possible view since the fireworks were exploding directly over out backyard.

Good times, and no digits lost.

Before it got dark, Ninsi called me out to the balcony to show me this guy. He's taken up residence in one of the Basil plants we have. I believe I have seen his ilk before on my roses. I think I name him "G-man."

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He's also missing a leg. He's got 3 on his right and 4 on his left.

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