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Mafrican drum lord

Had a doctors appointment this morning. All is well. Mostly.
The nurse always takes your vitals before you see the doc. Blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, etc. She took my temp this morning, and I knew something was wrong from the way she was looking at her digital readout. It took her a really long time to say "96.4 That's really low. Too low." So we did it again. It came out to 97.8. Still low, but better. I told her that maybe she needed a new thermometer. Otherwise, all is well.

Last night, Ninsi and I sat down in the living room to eat dinner. The TV had been recording something on SciFi, and so it was still on that channel when we flipped back to live tv. They were doing their Tuesday night wrestling thing. And as we watched for thirty seconds, the announcer said several inane things. He mentioned the martial arts training of one of the combatants, and then called him a 'mafrican' and a 'looner.' He then went on to say that he "beat to his own drum lord."

It was completely crazy. The SciFi wrestling may suck as a show to watch, but there's much humor to be gained from just listening to it.

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