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Possibly way back in the archives I mention the wall built by my neighbor. I had a wood fence between us, but when they moved in last March, they had a brick wall built. The concrete runoff from the footing poured onto my side and destroyed chunks of my fence. The neighbor never even talked to us before starting the wall.

Fast forward. Ive been working on cleaning up the back yard completely, and it is pretty much done. But for the concrete that was still on my side. A couple weeks ago when I was busting up the small amount on my side in the front yard, I saw my neighbor outside and talked to him. Turns out, I wasnt talking to the neighbor, but a friend or relative instead. But that guy went to fetch the actual neighbor, so I talked to him and explained the problem with the concrete and rocks.

A couple days later, he came over while Ninsi was home and busted up the excess concrete and put it all into a nice pile in my yard. It sat there for about two weeks until Friday evening while I was mowing the yard, the neighbor came over with another guy and they proceeded to throw all the rocks over the wall into his yard. So now that part of the back yard is done.

I think I'll plant some monkey grass or something along the length of the wall to cover up the footing somewhat. But it is way better already than it was. And it seems like maybe the neighbor isnt a such a bad guy after all. Just someone that didnt want to talk to us before he built the wall. Though, I dont really expect to talk to him much more now. But at least the backyard is clean.

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