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Stupid Dogs

Barley came close to becoming an outside dog last night.
The dogs like to sit downstairs by the windows and watch outside. Barley went down at some point and just randomly started huffing. Not quite a full bark, but every few minutes, he would huff loud enough to be heard. It wasn't so bad once I got up and shut the door. But a couple times, both dogs just started barking at something outside.

Turns out one of our neighborhood dogs, either one of the random strays, or possibly one of the neighbor's dogs, had gotten into the neighbor's trash. And dragged it across the street into our yard. So this morning I had a whole lot of someone else's trash in my yard. Fucking dogs.

I called animal control, but I doubt they do anything. There are at least half a dozen dogs that are off-leash at any given time on our street. They need to be all rounded up and taken to the shelter so that maybe the neighbors will learn to lease them, or keep them in. I dont care if they are just chihuahuas or terriers. About half of them are. The others are larger dogs. Lab mixes and golden retrievers. Ninsi thinks it was the retriever that got into the trash.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the city will manage to catch a couple of them. Although, Im not sure they actually do anything. On the website it says they will 'investigate' strays and off-leash dogs. That isn't exactly promising.

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