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The dingo stole meh bebe

Ninsi and I went to the gym last night. We go two or three times a week. She generally works out with her trainer. I run a lot. Though I have finally started using some of the machines.
While we were on the way last night, as we were at a stop light, a fire engine pulled out of its station and lights a'flashin took off down the road. It was heading the same direction as us, but got to skip through all the lights. When we finally made it to the gym, the same fire engine was there.


But, there was no fire. No accident. No one had passed out or anything severe. One woman, however, had done something foolish, though purely on accident. She had locked her small child in the car, with the keys. We drove in just as they were popping the lock and the woman was in panic about her baby. The kid was fine. It happens.

I do believe the Squid was once locked in the car with the keys. She's no worse for it. I did not do it, of course. I always made a point to get her out of the car even if I was going to run into the store for "only a second." I think the woman at the gym just had a brain fart though. She wasnt planning on leaving him in the car while she worked out. Or it's possible the tot locked the doors while she was walking around to get him out. /shrug

Possibly back to the gym tonight. Definitely going to the grocery store.

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