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Too old for this

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out last night. Started at about midnight at most theaters. Ninsi had an inch to see it right off. So we went. I'll not go into the details. It was the longest of the books, and one of the shorter of the movies, so a lot was left out, or glossed over. And some things were down right wrong from the book. But, whatever, it's a movie. It was better than number Three.

Of course we didnt get home until about 3 am, and so I've been mostly draggin' ass today. And probably wont get home til almost 11:30 tonight. And tomorrow I have to work late for some testing. And Saturday is the party. I'm not sure when this week got so busy.

Getting the A/C on the Mustang repaired today since it decided to just quit working yesterday. Nothing makes you feel quite so good as unexpected automotive expenses. Joy.

Oh! But this is very exciting! I think FJ may have creamed when I sent her the link to the baby mammoth.

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