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August 2, 2007

Yukon ho!

One more day.

Nothing left to do but finish the packing. That will all be taken care of tonight. Ninsi had to drive up to OK for the day, but she will return this evening and do most of her packing. If I haven't managed to get it all done before then.

We will be largely incommunicado for the next 10-12 days. I do not know if our phones will work or not. I suspect they will not.

No blog updates for a while. Relish the silence.

August 13, 2007


We're back, btw.

Florence Henderson is a nice lady
Alaska is cool
Alaska Airline sucks

August 15, 2007


There was a naturalist on the cruise. He was just a guy that had camped out in Alaska for a couple years or so and then wrote a book. I dont really know what kind of an expert that made him. He had buddies, and modern equipment, so I doubt he was roughing it too much. But he was on the cruise, and gave a lot of lectures. I was not overly impressed by him though. He did not seem to really offer anything unique or insightful. Most of what he said could easily have been read in a book at a tourist store.

Florence Henderson (Mrs Brady) was also on the cruise. We saw her a couple of times, and she looks great. Ninsi and I would up on an elevator with her at one point and she made elevator small talk while we rode up a couple flights. She was infinitely more interesting than the naturalist dude.

I will eventually get around to putting some pictures up on a page. I'll trim the size down so it wont take forever to load, but it may be a few days or a couple weeks still til I do that. I have put up a couple pictures from one of the formal nights on MySpace and Facebook. But nothing terribly exciting.

Nothing planned this weekend. Probably dinner with the guys that are heading to Scotland next week and that's about it. It will be good to relax. Ninsi and I are trying to figure out how to best use the travel vouchers we received from Delta for getting (voluntarily) bumped. We must use them for travel before August 3, 2008, and they are enough to fly us both anywhere in the lower 48. We really hadn't planned on flying anywhere until about September though, so we're not sure what we're going to do.

We're trying to figure out if we can manage a few days in the Caribbean with them and not cost ourselves too much out of pocket. Other suggestions would be accepted if you have any.

August 16, 2007

In sessions

School is about to start up again for the kiddies. And that is a real pain in my ass. Mainly because it will add at least 10 minutes to my morning commute because I have to go through no less than four school zones.

Going through the zones wouldnt be too bad if one of them wasn't also in a construction zone where traffic is forced to merge to one lane. Combining the slow allowed rate of travel, with a traffic light, and one lane adds up to one very long line every morning.

Something was futzed this morning already. One of the streets I take out of the neighborhood was shut down and everyone was forced to u-turn and go back to find an alternate route. From where I come, there is only one alternate route to take at that point and everyone was on it. And of course there is construction on that road as well so you lose a lane on it just in case there wasnt enough congestion already.

The next nine months are gonna be traffic splendid

August 20, 2007


I mowed the yard over the weekend. First time since before we went to Alaska. I had mowed the front just a day before we left, so it was not too bad. The back, however, had not been mowed in almost three weeks now, and it was way to tall. It took me almost two hours of mowing just to do the backyard. Had to refill the mower even at one point.

Normally, I don't let it get that tall, but going on vacation threw everything off kilter. I'm thinking that next year, I may hire someone to do the mowing for me.

I also fired up the tiller to see if it would work for breaking the dirt along the wall so I could level it more easily. It will work, but that tiller is a beast. Every time I use it, my back and arms wind up sore. I should start a new workout regime that involves only using the tiller. I'd be buff in no time! Or in a hospital.

August 21, 2007


Sometimes, things dont work like they should, and sometimes they do.

A few months back, I ate at Wingstop and when the girl ran my card, the machine was out of paper. So she had to run it again after she had refilled the receipt machine so I could sign off on it. I only signed one, but two charges for the same amount appeared in my account. They said the second one would just fall off, but it never did. And at $10, it wasnt a big deal.

This weekend, at Texas de Brazil, the waitress ran the wrong ticket on my card. And then ran the right one. But I still had both charges on my card. At over $200, it was a bigger deal. But when I talked to the manager, he said it should drop within 48 hours. I expected it to be like the Wingstop experience, but no, it worked out fine. Today the charge is gone.

In their defense, Wingstop did give me a free meal just in case the charge never came off, so it worked out fine. But I dont think the store owner was happy about it. I wish Texas de Brazil had given me a free meal for my troubles.

August 22, 2007

Artic dreams

I read a few webcomics every morning after I get up. One of them this morning featured a penguin. When I saw the penguin, it triggered something and made me remember a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was in the body of a walrus. I wasnt actually a walrus, just in one. There was a whole bunch of them though. And there was an advancing horde of sea lions about to attack.

Yes, I know, sea lions dont attack walruses. It was a dream.

The attack never actually happened. The walruses kept retreating to a point of their choosing, so they could then counter-attack by doing what walruses do. Which apparently was slide down the glacier from on high and attack from above. Got the visual yet? Walruses sliding down the ice in attack forms against sea lions.

I did submerge at one point and notice a severe lack of fish in the area for eating. And I made a comment about it to whomever was in walrus form next to me. Maybe that is why the sea lions and walruses were at war. Lack of food.

Honestly, I think I can sleep better without my dreams being preachy about overfishing and global warming creating unstable habitats for walruses and sea lions.

August 27, 2007

More of the same

I had my bloodwork done last week for the first time in about three weeks. I have been taking the Cumadin for almost a solid three months now. It is sporadic at best. I just talked to the assistant for my Dr, and my INR is a 1.0 as of last Wednesday. I would have better luck just taking aspirin.

I want a new drug. One that works.

August 28, 2007

Dog days

Not a lot going on at this time of year. Half the gang is still out of the country. We are heading up to OK this weekend. Everyone will be back next week.

Things have slowed down at work. We're near the end of a project, and waiting for some other bits to get done. Cant do a lot until those bits are done. Maybe in another week.

Ninsi and I are continuing in our efforts to go to the gym four days a week. We managed it last week. And we might again this week. But I think we need to go at least once on the weekend instead of four days straight, followed by three days off. We are, at least, going to the gym regularly again.

And that's about it.

August 29, 2007


Ninsi and I are still continuing with our almost daily gym routines. We're trying for four days a week. I may have hit a personal wall in my weight loss. The first five is always easy. The next five will be more difficult.

We went by the grocery store last night after the gym. It is very convenient for us to do that now, and we wind up going at least once a week after working out. We only wish it was a nicer store than Kroger. Maybe a Central Market or Whole Foods. But, we have nothing like that. When we were leaving the store, I was about to go onto the access road and rolled a bit to get started when I saw two more trucks coming along that I was going to have to wait on. So I stopped rolling. Suddenly, the car jumped a little. Id just been rear-ended. But, it was minor. More of my paint got onto the woman's car than hers on mine, and I told her it wasnt real worried about it. So we went on our way.

Ninsi barely noticed that we'd been hit.

August 31, 2007


Sometimes, people say odd things. Yesterday, as I passed a woman in the hallway, I heard her say into her phone:

"There is definitely rotten fish in Denmark."

I was unsure if she had misquoted, or if she was just twisting the original saying to fit herself. I think it was the latter. It was still funny.

Much driving to be done today. Perhaps all the way to Tulsa, but possibly only so far as McAlester. We really wont know until later. Depends in large part on exactly how many other people are trying to get out of Dallas this afternoon and how much that slows us down as we try to leave. We will at least make a pit-stop in McAlester tonight. And the rest of the weekend will be spent hanging out with Ninsi's fam.

Football started last night. Life is good again.
Everyone have a safe holiday weekend.

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