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Artic dreams

I read a few webcomics every morning after I get up. One of them this morning featured a penguin. When I saw the penguin, it triggered something and made me remember a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was in the body of a walrus. I wasnt actually a walrus, just in one. There was a whole bunch of them though. And there was an advancing horde of sea lions about to attack.

Yes, I know, sea lions dont attack walruses. It was a dream.

The attack never actually happened. The walruses kept retreating to a point of their choosing, so they could then counter-attack by doing what walruses do. Which apparently was slide down the glacier from on high and attack from above. Got the visual yet? Walruses sliding down the ice in attack forms against sea lions.

I did submerge at one point and notice a severe lack of fish in the area for eating. And I made a comment about it to whomever was in walrus form next to me. Maybe that is why the sea lions and walruses were at war. Lack of food.

Honestly, I think I can sleep better without my dreams being preachy about overfishing and global warming creating unstable habitats for walruses and sea lions.

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