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Ninsi and I are still continuing with our almost daily gym routines. We're trying for four days a week. I may have hit a personal wall in my weight loss. The first five is always easy. The next five will be more difficult.

We went by the grocery store last night after the gym. It is very convenient for us to do that now, and we wind up going at least once a week after working out. We only wish it was a nicer store than Kroger. Maybe a Central Market or Whole Foods. But, we have nothing like that. When we were leaving the store, I was about to go onto the access road and rolled a bit to get started when I saw two more trucks coming along that I was going to have to wait on. So I stopped rolling. Suddenly, the car jumped a little. Id just been rear-ended. But, it was minor. More of my paint got onto the woman's car than hers on mine, and I told her it wasnt real worried about it. So we went on our way.

Ninsi barely noticed that we'd been hit.

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