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Sometimes, people say odd things. Yesterday, as I passed a woman in the hallway, I heard her say into her phone:

"There is definitely rotten fish in Denmark."

I was unsure if she had misquoted, or if she was just twisting the original saying to fit herself. I think it was the latter. It was still funny.

Much driving to be done today. Perhaps all the way to Tulsa, but possibly only so far as McAlester. We really wont know until later. Depends in large part on exactly how many other people are trying to get out of Dallas this afternoon and how much that slows us down as we try to leave. We will at least make a pit-stop in McAlester tonight. And the rest of the weekend will be spent hanging out with Ninsi's fam.

Football started last night. Life is good again.
Everyone have a safe holiday weekend.

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I'm not sure about Denmark, but in Iceland they have a festival and partake upon Fermented Shark during it. Basically rotten!

I like your commenting section better than mine. It's got the security parameter. I keep getting spam trackbacks and it's annoying.

The Captcha is a third party add-on. But it works real well. I no longer get spam comments. I get an occasional spam trackback, but no more than a couple a month.

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