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In sessions

School is about to start up again for the kiddies. And that is a real pain in my ass. Mainly because it will add at least 10 minutes to my morning commute because I have to go through no less than four school zones.

Going through the zones wouldnt be too bad if one of them wasn't also in a construction zone where traffic is forced to merge to one lane. Combining the slow allowed rate of travel, with a traffic light, and one lane adds up to one very long line every morning.

Something was futzed this morning already. One of the streets I take out of the neighborhood was shut down and everyone was forced to u-turn and go back to find an alternate route. From where I come, there is only one alternate route to take at that point and everyone was on it. And of course there is construction on that road as well so you lose a lane on it just in case there wasnt enough congestion already.

The next nine months are gonna be traffic splendid

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