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I mowed the yard over the weekend. First time since before we went to Alaska. I had mowed the front just a day before we left, so it was not too bad. The back, however, had not been mowed in almost three weeks now, and it was way to tall. It took me almost two hours of mowing just to do the backyard. Had to refill the mower even at one point.

Normally, I don't let it get that tall, but going on vacation threw everything off kilter. I'm thinking that next year, I may hire someone to do the mowing for me.

I also fired up the tiller to see if it would work for breaking the dirt along the wall so I could level it more easily. It will work, but that tiller is a beast. Every time I use it, my back and arms wind up sore. I should start a new workout regime that involves only using the tiller. I'd be buff in no time! Or in a hospital.

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