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Sometimes, things dont work like they should, and sometimes they do.

A few months back, I ate at Wingstop and when the girl ran my card, the machine was out of paper. So she had to run it again after she had refilled the receipt machine so I could sign off on it. I only signed one, but two charges for the same amount appeared in my account. They said the second one would just fall off, but it never did. And at $10, it wasnt a big deal.

This weekend, at Texas de Brazil, the waitress ran the wrong ticket on my card. And then ran the right one. But I still had both charges on my card. At over $200, it was a bigger deal. But when I talked to the manager, he said it should drop within 48 hours. I expected it to be like the Wingstop experience, but no, it worked out fine. Today the charge is gone.

In their defense, Wingstop did give me a free meal just in case the charge never came off, so it worked out fine. But I dont think the store owner was happy about it. I wish Texas de Brazil had given me a free meal for my troubles.

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