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September 4, 2007


We're back from our weekend Labor Day fun times.
Didnt actually do much; spent the weekend in Sand Springs with Ninsi's family, mostly. Managed to go through and visit about half of my family. As the other half was incommunicado out on the lake somewhere.

Most everyone is finally back in Dallas, it seems. We'll all get together soon. We're overdue for a big dinner, or small party.

Ninsi and I will be heading back up to OK this weekend. Going to Norman this time though. The Plan is to take the Squid to her first big-time college football game. It should be a good time. Might even sneak in a visit with friends in the area.

Thank Jebus for short work weeks.

September 7, 2007


Sports personalities say the darndest things sometimes.
I think my personal favorite is still the "tallest midget" comparisons. I wish I could accurately remember what all the guy said last week when Ninsi and I were on our way to Tulsa. They were interviewing a high school football coach, and he said something like:

"Well, we were throwing it down thar, and we were catchin' it."
and moments later when asked about a previous game:
"That was a game we definitely could have lost, but we won."

They are very able to say things that are completely true, but otherwise meaningless. Today, on the radio, they mentioned a long standing stat for a particular team. And the guy said "It's kinda like George Washington's brother being called the Uncle of our Country. Technically, it is true, but it is completely meaningless."

At least he recognized the stat was worthless I only where they come up with their comparisons.

Big game tomorrow. Ninsi and I are off to Norman tonight.

September 10, 2007

Tis the Season

Football season is now fully upon us. Most colleges started two weeks ago, and the NFL games began this weekend. Good times.

The Squid and I went to the OU game on Saturday. They fairly thoroughly thumped Miami. It is always good when your team wins, even if it gets a little embarrassing for the other team sometimes.

Ninsi and I made it back a little later than we had planned, but still in the afternoon. The rain kep me from being productive outside, and will continue to do so today. As soon as it stops raining for a day, I'll mow the yard, and maybe dig a trench. It needs to be done. Once I do that, I'll have to find a time for Donut to come over so we can put in a proper footing and finish a couple sections on the fence.

Then I need to rebuild the railing on the balcony. And finish repainting one of the bedrooms. Then maybe everything will be done with the house. Once everything is done, and the house is clean, we may put it up on the market and see what kind of offers we can get. We aren't in any hurry to move, and it really isnt a good time to sell, so I dont foresee anything coming of it. I think we might have better luck renting it out. But that can be such a real pain in the ass, I dont know if we want to mess with it or not.

We're not planning to move, so much as we both realize we will want/have to within a couple years anyway. Just a few miles North is all. So, Im just looking down the road a little.

September 11, 2007

Smerter than meh docter

So, I have this blood clot thing. Everyone is well aware of that. It was discovered back in May, the week before Labor Day. Since then, I have been taking medication to thin my blood so that it will stop growing, and can be absorbed properly. However, the process by which the dosage is calculated is fairly unscientific. Basically, you take the meds for a week, then get your blood checked. If it is too high, you lower the dose. And vice versa.

My general practicioner referred me to a specialist a long time ago. I figured that he would be better able to calculate the right dose for me, but it has been mostly more of the same. We raised it up to 12.5 mg and that was too high. So we lowered it down to 10, and that was too low. So he raised it back up to 12.5, and something weird happened and it was too low, so he jacked it up to 15. When it was at 15, my blood became dangerously thin. My PT/INR was higher than when he warned me to watch for blood in my urine.

So, I was instructed to lower it back down to 12.5. However, having been the one taking the meds for three months now, I knew that 12.5 was too much, most of the time. Somewhere out there, was a magic number that was less than 12.5, but great than 10.0. Whatever could it be? Because the doc sure as hell couldn't come up with anything not a multiple of 2.5. So I pretty much have been ignoring his advice and just went with 11. You read that right, Im taking 11 mgs of the stuff.

Got my results back today. My INR? Exactly where they want it. 2.4. The doctors can go fuck themselves.

September 13, 2007


Did some cleaning last night. After getting home late from work, I decided it was time to organize a bunch of old CDs and DVDs I had laying around. Mostly software and pictures. I would up throwing away a whole lot of them. Mostly installation CDs that were nearly 10 years old. I still have a few left that I haven't quite decided to toss yet.

What I couldnt figure out is why I have four copies of Windows '98. Four. It wasnt a very good operating system. I also have my original copy of Windows '95. Im keeping it for posterity. Or in case I get stuck with something like a x86 PC and want to play that tank game where you dig around til you find the other guy and shoot them. I cant remember the name of it.

Anyway, I got rid of a bunch of crap, and now my crap pile is smaller. That's a plus.

September 19, 2007

You did what?

Kudos to my friend, Prosper, who informed me today that she is married, as of nineteen days ago. It was quick, but not sudden. They've been together for quite a while now, and finally decided to get married. The engagement lasted about three days, I think. She is just now getting around to telling her friends. It is very much her modus operandi. So, congratulations to her. It sounds like there will be a wedding sometime in December.

Maybe this is the new trend. Get married, then have a wedding sometime later. If the bridal companies get their hands on this, then in ten years, you will not have had a complete marriage until you have had both a full blown marriage ceremony, followed several months later by a full blown wedding.

How many signs of the apocalypse do we need?

September 20, 2007


Thanks be to Mo for this fine link to some rather spectacular mustaches.

When I arrived at work this morning, I had an email from my employer stating that they had booked me for a training class in Maryland. Starting Monday morning, and lasting all week. So, most of my day has been spent trying to get everything arranged so that I can attend that. I'm mostly pissed off at the airlines for doubling their prices.

But it is mostly done now. So, if anyone knows what there is to do in Rockville, MD, Im all ears...

September 21, 2007

Cleaning day

It is cleaning day at work. No meetings were supposed to be scheduled so that everyone could spend the day neatening up their area and then cleaning off extraneous crap from their PC. A lot of stuff was hauled off. I really didnt have that much to clean, so I did actual work.

My brother informs me that Rockville is the 26th best city in the US to live. Yippee. I'll give a personal opinion on that in a little over a week when I get back.

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