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Smerter than meh docter

So, I have this blood clot thing. Everyone is well aware of that. It was discovered back in May, the week before Labor Day. Since then, I have been taking medication to thin my blood so that it will stop growing, and can be absorbed properly. However, the process by which the dosage is calculated is fairly unscientific. Basically, you take the meds for a week, then get your blood checked. If it is too high, you lower the dose. And vice versa.

My general practicioner referred me to a specialist a long time ago. I figured that he would be better able to calculate the right dose for me, but it has been mostly more of the same. We raised it up to 12.5 mg and that was too high. So we lowered it down to 10, and that was too low. So he raised it back up to 12.5, and something weird happened and it was too low, so he jacked it up to 15. When it was at 15, my blood became dangerously thin. My PT/INR was higher than when he warned me to watch for blood in my urine.

So, I was instructed to lower it back down to 12.5. However, having been the one taking the meds for three months now, I knew that 12.5 was too much, most of the time. Somewhere out there, was a magic number that was less than 12.5, but great than 10.0. Whatever could it be? Because the doc sure as hell couldn't come up with anything not a multiple of 2.5. So I pretty much have been ignoring his advice and just went with 11. You read that right, Im taking 11 mgs of the stuff.

Got my results back today. My INR? Exactly where they want it. 2.4. The doctors can go fuck themselves.

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