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Tis the Season

Football season is now fully upon us. Most colleges started two weeks ago, and the NFL games began this weekend. Good times.

The Squid and I went to the OU game on Saturday. They fairly thoroughly thumped Miami. It is always good when your team wins, even if it gets a little embarrassing for the other team sometimes.

Ninsi and I made it back a little later than we had planned, but still in the afternoon. The rain kep me from being productive outside, and will continue to do so today. As soon as it stops raining for a day, I'll mow the yard, and maybe dig a trench. It needs to be done. Once I do that, I'll have to find a time for Donut to come over so we can put in a proper footing and finish a couple sections on the fence.

Then I need to rebuild the railing on the balcony. And finish repainting one of the bedrooms. Then maybe everything will be done with the house. Once everything is done, and the house is clean, we may put it up on the market and see what kind of offers we can get. We aren't in any hurry to move, and it really isnt a good time to sell, so I dont foresee anything coming of it. I think we might have better luck renting it out. But that can be such a real pain in the ass, I dont know if we want to mess with it or not.

We're not planning to move, so much as we both realize we will want/have to within a couple years anyway. Just a few miles North is all. So, Im just looking down the road a little.

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