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Sports personalities say the darndest things sometimes.
I think my personal favorite is still the "tallest midget" comparisons. I wish I could accurately remember what all the guy said last week when Ninsi and I were on our way to Tulsa. They were interviewing a high school football coach, and he said something like:

"Well, we were throwing it down thar, and we were catchin' it."
and moments later when asked about a previous game:
"That was a game we definitely could have lost, but we won."

They are very able to say things that are completely true, but otherwise meaningless. Today, on the radio, they mentioned a long standing stat for a particular team. And the guy said "It's kinda like George Washington's brother being called the Uncle of our Country. Technically, it is true, but it is completely meaningless."

At least he recognized the stat was worthless I only where they come up with their comparisons.

Big game tomorrow. Ninsi and I are off to Norman tonight.

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