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And a little bit... not

So for those of you that know Khuul, he had a fist sized tumor removed from his colon yesterday. They also took out his spleen for good measure, while they were in there. Coming soon: chemotherapy. For someone my age, too many of my friends have had cancer. I think one is two many, but the number is now more than one, and we're mid thirties. We're about twenty solid years ahead of the curve. Go us. Bleh.

In other news, Ninsi is going to a country bar tonight with her trainees from work. I suspect she would enjoy it more if they were trannies. I'll abstain from the country bar. Instead, I'll lay around the house. Maybe fix a martini and paint the bedroom. No, the other bedroom.

Odds of a third dog being introduced to the household this weekend? Approaching unity.
Odds of that dog weighing a tenth of what either are current dogs weight? Let's just hope they dont think the new dog is lunch.

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Country Bar outing cancelled. Dog adoption pending...so, do I rescue the dog that needs rescuing because he has kennel cough and they'll put him down tomorrow, or do I adopt the little black chihuahua mix that can come home to play with the dogs tomorrow?

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