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It's Wednesday. And it is Halloween day.
Could Halloween seriously fall on a worse day that Wednesday? No, it could not.

We did have a pot-luck lunch at the office today, and Ninsi joined me for that. A couple of the other folk brought their kids. Ninsi brought me chocolate covered pecans. She's coo like that. Technically, they are Chocolate Pecan Caramel Clusters, of the Mountain Man variety. Because, you know, Im Grizzly Adams and shit.

Christmas crap should start appearing in the stores now that Halloween is over. I wish they'd wait til December. Too much, too soon.

Holidays are a pain in my ass, and they make me cranky.

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THEY'RE CALLED TURTLES. And I bought them because you're always looking for turtle tracks ice cream, but can never find it. The next best thing are turtles.

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