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Ninsi and I went to visit Khuul last night in the hospital. He is doing better. He'll be doing very well once the pain subsides.

After the visit, we went to Main Event to meet with her work peeps. Dinner, drinks, and games on the company dollar is not a bad way to spend the evening. It was a bit late though when we finally did get home.

One of the founding members of Slippery Weasel is in town for a couple more weeks. Should manage to have dinner next weekend or so. That's the plan anyway. The plan for this weekend involves me driving to McAlester to hang out with the Squid. Probably see a movie. If there is any movies out that she wants to see. If I have spare time, I'll probably use it to transfer stuff from the old laptop to the new. And Im sure my mom will require me to do some fixin' to her computer. My main objective on that end will be to set it up so that I can remotely access it. That should cut down on frustrating phone calls when something isnt working.

In other news, the Yankees lost in the first round. Im mostly indifferent to that.

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