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Halloween party = done. I can shave again. Huzzah.

I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken today for lunch. That's KFC for the younger folk out there. I had not been for a couple months, and the first thing I noticed was the new menu. Occasionally, places have to change their menu. Items, prices, etc. If they remodel, they will change the whole menu display. No problem, and this KFC had actually undergone a remodel in the last year. So, today, I was a little surprised to find that they had done away with their old menu boards completely. Now, instead of pictures and prices, they have flat panel displays that serve as menus.

The displays are the same size as the old menus, but now they have graphics and crap. And Im sure it makes it a lot easier to change out the items. I have no problems with places moving to menu displays like this. It makes a lot of sense, really. I just never thought of KFC, this one in particular especially, as being on the vanguard of fast-food tech.

I mean, they dont even have pepper in the store. At all. Seriously, no pepper.

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