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I planted some tomatoes early this year on the patio. Planted them in an upside down garden, along with some peppers and other spices. When I put them in the dirt, the weather was perfect, and had been for a couple weeks. Everything started growing nicely.

Then, unexpectedly, we got a couple days of cold temperatures. It frosted. Then it started raining, and we did not see the sun for a month. This pretty much killed the tomatoes. At one point, there was a ferocious wind storm that ripped one of the plants out of the dirt and sent it flying into the backyard. I was mostly annoyed because that particular plant was the one that had actually already started to sprout fruit.

I gave up on the tomatoes.

Last week, when I was mowing the yard, I noticed a plant under the steps of the deck. It looked like a tomato plant. It smelled like a tomato plant. And sure enough, it had a tomato growing on it. It was a couple feet tall under the deck. So, either the plant that blew off took root, (not likely) or the fruit it had on it took to seed (thats my guess). I had tomatoes after all! It was just going to take another week or two to ripen.

This week, it turned cold. Last night, it frosted.

Im giving up on the tomatoes.

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