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Mailing it in

Mail-In rebates suck. A lot of things offer them, but very few people actually use them. The companies that offer them count on most people not using the rebates. And if you do mail them in, filling out the paperwork for it is generally a hassle, and too easy to mess up so that the rebate is refused.

Kudos to Staples then, for making it easy. I bought Quicken 2008 today and it comes with a $20 mail-in rebate. On one of the three receipts I got, though, is an address for submitting it online. It is a Staples address and it took about three minutes to fill out online and they will invoice Quicken for me. It could not have been much easier. I'll know if 4-6 weeks if it actually worked.

Of course, they didnt have what I actually went to the store to get, so they kinda lose points there.

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