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My back is in some pain today.

Sometimes, when Ninsi and I are messing with each other (namely, when Im tickling her) the dogs will get agitated because the humans are fighting. Or something. Luna just barks. Barley has taken to being a more active participant and started nipping the knees of one of us.

Last night, we tried to determine if he was going after Ninsi in particular all the time, or just whichever human seemed to *not* need help. So I let Ninsi 'get' me, and Barley started yipping and then scratching. He scratched my back real good.

Enough that I had Ninsi pour some hydrogen peroxide on it. It looked better this morning. All of the small welts were gone. But I still have four or five good scratches. And I can feel a couple of them constantly. It's not pain, but that dull stinging that lets you know it is there all the time.

Stupid dog.

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Amateur Dog psychology experiments are not recommended.

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