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Yibbidyblahblah... sold!

A couple months ago, Ninsi, the Squid, and I went on an Alaska cruise. We flew Delta from DFW, to Salt Lake City, then on to Seattle. However, when we got to SLC, they asked for volunteers to give up seats. We did so gladly, as we weren't really in a hurry. In return, they flew us on to Seattle first thing the next day, and gave us each a voucher worth $400 on a Delta flight.

Unfortunately, flying Delta out of Dallas is not generally the easiest, nor most economic thing to do. You almost inevitably have to lay-over somewhere. Generally Atlanta or SLC. We do sometimes fly to Atlanta, and then the vouchers would have been great. Except that we weren't planning to make that trip until after they expired in August of '08. So, we tried to sell them at 75% face value. Making a posting on Craigslist here did little good. When I posted on the Atlanta Craigslist, we got a lot of responses. Most of them were willing to give only half the value. But we finally found two people that bought them for our asking price. Which leaves us with enough money for me to book a flight from DFW on American to London next month to spend a weekend with Ninsi and Monketo and his wife.

I look at it as a free trip to London. It's not exactly that, but close enough.

Oh yeah, everybody panic.

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