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I may have used the same subject recently. I dont care.

Ninsi is not enamored with her new drive. It is much closer to home though, so it doesnt take her as long. It is more annoying. Namely, because in the last two days, she has been rear-ended twice. Yesterday at lunch, and then again this morning on the way in to work. It has left her in an, understandably, poor mood. Both were low-impact collisions, causing only minor bumper damage, but still, twice in two days? That just sucks.

I thought that I was going to get to see a throwdown this morning on my way in to work. After I turned a corner and was slowing to stop behind traffic, I heard a guy in the left lane just screaming out his door. His door was open and he looked about to get out of the car. Mostly he was just screaming and yelling at the Civic in front of him. Then the guy in the Civic got completely out of his car and started yelling back at the first guy. I couldnt understand most of what was said since my windows were up, but I did hear the second guy say something like "You want to be a Big Boy?" and he was not someone that I would want to tussle with. The first guy probably rethought any inclinations he had about getting out of his car when the second guy got out.

Then traffic started moving. It went to one lane and I wound up between the two cars. Once we had two lanes again, the Civic rolled down his window and continued the conversation. I stopped at the light and let them get on with their business.

I would have liked to have seen a smack down though. It would have made for an entertaining morning.

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