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Thanksgiving is past. A solid month of Holiday season stretches out before us now. I briefly considered going to the stores early on "Black Friday." But the one item I wanted, really would have been a pain in the ass to get back to Dallas. And I think the ad I was looking at was misleading. So, I saved myself some dough. Never a bad thing.

Ninsi started her new job today. I'll hear all about it when I get home. All I know so far is from the few text messages I have received. I dont think it's the most enjoyable of things so far. But that is mostly from them not really being ready for her, and therefore she has nothing to do. And apparently they monitor phones and such fairly closely, so I dont know that I'll talk to her much during the days. Except perhaps on her lunch.

I suppose I should join the rest of America in online shopping today. But that would require having an idea of what Im looking for. I know a couple things, but not enough to bother even hunting down online, yet. Maybe in a couple weeks when it gets to be more of a crunch.

No leftovers at our house. I think it's a grocery store night.

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