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You'd think it was a holiday

It's Friday afternoon. But as few people are left in the building, you'd think it was well into the weekend, or a holiday afternoon. I'm not sure why apparently only half the workforce made it in today, but that seems to be about the size of it.

Ninsi and I went to dinner last night with her new hire class at a fancy tavern downtown. While we were there, a lot of people started getting up from their table and went to stand by the street. There were a whole lot of motorcycle cops that had blocked the roads and were waiting for something. Helicopters were buzzing around overhead. You'd have thought something actually exciting was going down. Instead, it was just the Dick Cheney motorcade going through. Everyone stopped and watched him go by, preceded and followed by half a dozen other vehicles.

Including an ambulance, just in case he shoots someone else in the face.

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