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Ninsi and I both got new phones a few months back. I think it was late May.
My phone had a rather unique problem. If I set an event in the calendar, or created an alarm, then the phone would ring every night at midnight. When I checked the phone, it would be displaying a date of January 16, 1896, or so. I could scroll the date backward and it went to something like the year 10001. It was a little annoying, since it made the calendar function mostly useless. But I wasnt the only one that had the problem, and Samsung eventually released a software update that fixed the issue. Hopefully. I took my phone to Verizon today so they could update the software to the new version. Instead, they took all of my information from the phone and uploaded it to a new one. So Im pleased with that. The new phone does have the latest software version. New phone, new battery; go me.

In other random news, the friend of a friend of mine was hit by a bus yesterday. My first thought on being told this was "How do you get hit by a bus? That only happens in movies and cartoons."
But the dude was hit by a bud. While he was walking, not driving. He spent the night in the ER, but was released today. He'll be fine. But seriously? A bus? They aren't very stealthy, you know...

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