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Gone for the holidays

This is probably the last entry until after Christmas. Possibly for the year. Ninsi and I are heading up to OK in a couple days for the festivities. But we both have to work next week, so we'll be coming back fairly early.

There is a guy that sits in the cube across from mine a couple times a week. He got cancer a few years ago, and it came back at least once. And it has been financially difficult for him. And it has affected how much he can work. I think he's doing better now. The only reason I know this, is because when he is in, he talks on the phone. And in the mornings, if he is on the phone, he is telling someone all about his life for the past few years and how hard it has been, and how wronged he has been.

Im bloody tired of hearing about his life. It's sad, yes, but Ive heard it. Multiple times now. Quiet, please. please.

On that note,
Have a safe and merry Christmas and joyful New Year.

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