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I went to Fry's last night to purchase something I needed to purchase. I managed to get the last available one. With this purchase, they were also giving away a 'free' photo printer. "Free" meaning that you pay the $75 for it, and get a Mail In Rebate for $75.

So, I buy my thing and the printer, (the thing is a Christmas gift, so I'll not speak of it more clearly) and pay and mention the rebate to the cashier and she rings it all up and gives me my receipt and I go. It isnt until I get home that I realize she did not give me any kind of rebate form. And there was nothing on the receipt itself to help.

I called Fry's back and they said I could just come back to a store and get the form, or they could fax it to me. I dont have a fax machine. I went up to the Fry's closer to work today on my lunch break and picked up the form. I looked at the form, and it is very generic. I was expecting something a little more Fry's specific. But it is not. What they *should* have told me last night was "You can just print it off of the Epson website" instead of asking if they could fax it to me. Because when I got back after lunch, I checked online, and there it was. Bright and Shiny rebate form.

Fry's can suck it for making me go out of my way for naught.

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I'm very anti-fry's though I still shop there every-so-often when I really need something quick and know I'll have the best chance finding it there.

They promote sale after sale, but their whole business scheme is freaking mail-in rebates. I think I've once, ever sent in a mail in rebate. I find mail-in rebates to be worthless. Just take the money off the product when I buy it. Save a stamp effers!

Anyhow, I just really get annoyed when I go to frys and see such and such product for this much money, then smaller "with $$$ mail in rebate" what a tease!

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