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No Limit

Fa la la la la

It's December now. And it was 80 degrees yesterday. Went to see "No Country for Old Men" with Reptile and Zero. Pretty good movie. Lots of off-screen shootouts.

I used to have a MBNA Mastercard. Bank of Maryland, I think. BoA (Bank of America) bought it out a few years ago. So I had, against my will, a BoA card. But it is an account I have had since I was in college. This weekend, they sent me a new card to replace the old one. It already has a stupid high credit limit which I dont use. I keep it pretty much at zero balance. But in the letter with the new card, I noticed the line "This card has no pre-set spending limit."

I thought that was interesting. Especially since it still has a credit limit. So, today, I called them at lunch to see what that was all about. The guy I talked to did not know. So I asked him to find out, it being his job to know, and all. And after about a two minute hold he came back and told me that basically, I can go over my limit without charge. I just have to pay it back down below my limit by the next statement. So, if I charge $5000 above the credit limit, there will be no over-the-limit fee. But when I get my statement, I have to make a payment of over $5000 to get the balance back under my credit line.

Unless I decide to purchase a car on the credit card, it is a feature I should hope to never employ.

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