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oh tannenbaum

Ninsi and I bought a tree yesterday and spent part of the afternoon getting that set up. We bought a live tree last year, and again this year. I suspect that is the way we will always do it. It really does make for a better tree. And it is ultimately better for the environment.

We also bought all new light strands. Went with the LED lights, as they last longer and use less energy. The plan is to get rid of all of the old Christmas stuff we have and just start with new stuff. Most of the old stuff isn't ours. It is now, but wasnt originally. Just leftover bits from before. So, we need to buy about one more strand of lights, and quite a bit more garland.

It is merely two weeks until Christmas. Not a whole lot left to do. Though, I have not any idea what to get most of my family. The young nephews aren't really a problem. If it is bright, they will be happy. Buying for the brothers, and the in-laws is more an issue. I've got roughly two weeks. I'll manage something.

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Live trees smell good too, but are such a pain in the ass to clean up after.

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