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January 8, 2008

Talkie talkie talkie

So a friend of mine supplied me with tickets to the Dallas Stars hockey game last night. She left four tickets for me at the the arena. So Ninsi, Reptile, and I went to the game last night. The fourth ticket was left unused. They were very nice seats. I had never been to a hockey game before, but it was a good time. I probably would enjoy it a lot more if I understood the rules. I may have to work on that if I plan to go again.

The only downside to the whole thing was one of the girls that sat in front of us. She was cute, but spent the entire match talking to her friend. Constantly. Non-stop. She had one of the guys with them fetch her a pizza at some point, and I thought that she might stop talking long enough to eat that. But no, she just talked right through the eating. She did not really detract from the game, but she was seriously annoying at times.

Ninsi and I head back to the gym tonight after taking a month off for the holidays. I lost over ten pounds last calendar year. Im pretty much at a good weight now. Just maintenance from here on out.

Stupid five day work weeks. Give me four 10-hour days. Please.

January 10, 2008

Apparently, he got better

If Ive mentioned this before, I apologize.

The cube across from me houses people on light-duty. Generally they are folk that can't manage their normal duties (such as flight attendant) because they are pregnant, or have cancer. Those seem to be the two big reasons, anyway. But they only have light-duty for a few months before they have to do something else. So there is a new person in that cube every few months.

Anyway, for a while, is has been a guy with cancer. That's fine. Ive got nothing against guys with cancer. But he talks about it all the god-damn time on the phone or to whomever is in his cube. I can't tell how many times Ive heard about all the problems he's had, or the pills he is taking, or all the weight loss. Or, the fact that he has been diagnosed with "Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, TWICE."

Again, TWICE.

So, apparently, stage 4 terminal is not as bad a I was lead to believe all these years.

I also really did not want to overhear him telling two other people about his first, and last, ever encounter with a woman. About how it was all wet down there. And how grossed out he was. Oh yes, he's not straight.

I just really dont want to hear about it.

January 15, 2008

Regular blooded

I stopped taking the blood thinning drug back in November. Not because the clot was gone or anything, but rather so that my blood would have a chance to return to its normal state so that the doctor could run a bunch of tests on it. I was originally supposed to go in sometime in December so that they could get the blood and run the tests. But due to potential insurance fiascoes, I pushed it out to this month.

Finally, I went in on the fourth and they took a bunch of my blood and sent it off for testing. I was expecting the results to come back as they had before, which was 'weakly positive' for the Lupus Coagulation Factor. That being the case would have required me to take the blood thinner daily for the rest of my life. But when the dr called today with my results, he said that everything came back negative.

I got the impression that he was mostly confused by that. He had already consulted with my general practitioner, and they had concluded that maybe my blood clot was just a freak thing after all. Which was my contention all along. If it happens again, I will have to have the drug for the rest of my life, but in the meantime, he said I was pretty much good to go. That maybe I should take a baby aspirin daily just as a minor preventative.

That, I can do. Or a martini.

January 17, 2008

Burn out

I found this list today. It only went through 24. But number 24 is the one that matters to me. I just didnt want the extra ten years of schooling. Id be done by now though. (This is a list of the highest paying jobs in the US)

The top 24 according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

1. Surgeon: $181,850
2. Anesthesiologist: $174,610
3. OB/GYN: $174,610
4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: $169,600
5. Internist: $156,790
6. Prosthodontist: $156,710
7. Orthodontist: $153,240
8. Psychiatrist: $151,380
9. Chief Executive Officer: $140,880
10. Engineering Manager: $140,210
11. Pediatrician: $140,000
12. Family or general practitioner: $137,980
13. Physician/surgeon, all other: $137,100
14. Airline Pilot: $134,090
15. Dentist: $132,660
16. Podiatrist: $111,130
17. Lawyer: $110,590
18. Dentist, any other specialist: $106,040
19. Air Traffic Controller: $100,430
20. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $100,110
21. Marketing Manager: $100,020
22. Natural Sciences Manager: $97,560
23. Sales Manager: $96,950
24. Astronomer: $96,780

January 23, 2008


Back in December, I may have mentioned, I bought a new camera for the Squid to replace the one that was dropped, and consequently broke. Fry's was having a deal at the time for a free printer with the purchase of any digital camera. Actually, it was a refund. If you pay for the $75 printer, you could apply for the refund.

I am never sure about refunds. Especially if I have to fill out a bunch of stuff and send in the specific bits. I did everything though, and waited. A couple weeks ago, I went online to the Epson site to get information on the status of my rebate since part of the paperwork stated that I could check the status after a couple weeks. It had been a month by that time, but they website found no record of my rebate at all. So I figured it was just a lost cause.

Until yesterday. When Ninsi came in with the mail, there was a large envelope from Epson, and it contained a check for $75. Woot! The free printer was actually free. Minus the sales tax. I still prefer the Staples way to do rebates. They give you a receipt with a web address and you can do the whole process online. You get your rebate check a lot quicker and less chance of screwing something up.

In other news, yeah, the economy.

January 25, 2008


The house smelled really good this morning when I woke up. It smelled of chili.
I started a pot last night before bed and it slow cooked all night. And I was sorely tempted to have some for breakfast. I also slept better last night than I have in weeks. I bet the soothing smell of the chili made that happen too.

Chili is like a wonder drug.

On my way to lunch today, I saw one of those people standing on the corner dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. They were trying to get people to come in for taxes. You see them everywhere. Sometimes for taxes, sometimes for pizza, a lot of times for Halloween stores. This one only stood out because she was talking to an even bigger Statue of Liberty. Like nine feet tall. The second one was in a full on mascot outfit. The first just had on a costume.

I dont know if they were discussing their trade, strategizing better tactics, or possible they were from different tax stores and were about to throw down to see who would retain that particular corner. It was a little odd looking though.

On my way back from lunch, only the larger of the two remained.

mmmm, chili for dinner.

January 28, 2008


Had a pretty lazy weekend. It was good. The weather warmed up just enough to be decent. Ninsi had a happy hour with co-workers Friday night, so I had the house to myself most of the evening. I played my computer game. Saturday was more of the same.

Took a computer monitor out to Khuul since he was starting to fade and the one we took had just been sitting in the closet for over two years. At least it will get used now. He seems to be doing better. I dont know if he is doing 'well' yet, but he is getting there.

Sunday was mostly lazy as well. Got up and finished the computer game and then tinkered around the house. Installed the new light fixture in the kitchen. That was mostly painless, except it took me a while to find the right breaker to trip on the box. Namely because the one switch I needed was the single unlabeled switch. Of course.

Outside of that, just maintaining the status quo. Party on.

January 30, 2008


Ninsi and I have pretty much stopped going to the gym for the time being. We're working out more at home instead. I haven't canceled our memberships yet, but if we continue to work out enough at the house, I will. We're mostly walking. And using the dumbbells while we walk. Im actually a little sore today. It's taken a few days to get to this point though. I think it was the wearing of the chainmail to add some extra weight that did it.

Mardi Gras is next week. We're not going to New Orleans. I dont know that we will really be doing anything in celebration. This weekend is the Super Bowl, so I'll probably watch that. And Im sure most of the clubs and bars down town will be doing things in recognition of the game and the party. Ninsi and I will most likely lay low on Saturday though since we're going to the Floggy Molly show on Sunday right after the game. I expect that to be a good time.

In other news: stupid economy.

January 31, 2008

Goodbye Granny

My grandmother passed away this morning. There was about a fifteen minute gap between when she was last seen talking and doing fine to when she was found. So it was fairly quick, however it happened. Probably a stroke or aneurysm. Now she can go to her house on the hill and does not have to hobble around on broken hips any more.

Goodbye Granny.

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