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Apparently, he got better

If Ive mentioned this before, I apologize.

The cube across from me houses people on light-duty. Generally they are folk that can't manage their normal duties (such as flight attendant) because they are pregnant, or have cancer. Those seem to be the two big reasons, anyway. But they only have light-duty for a few months before they have to do something else. So there is a new person in that cube every few months.

Anyway, for a while, is has been a guy with cancer. That's fine. Ive got nothing against guys with cancer. But he talks about it all the god-damn time on the phone or to whomever is in his cube. I can't tell how many times Ive heard about all the problems he's had, or the pills he is taking, or all the weight loss. Or, the fact that he has been diagnosed with "Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, TWICE."

Again, TWICE.

So, apparently, stage 4 terminal is not as bad a I was lead to believe all these years.

I also really did not want to overhear him telling two other people about his first, and last, ever encounter with a woman. About how it was all wet down there. And how grossed out he was. Oh yes, he's not straight.

I just really dont want to hear about it.

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