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The house smelled really good this morning when I woke up. It smelled of chili.
I started a pot last night before bed and it slow cooked all night. And I was sorely tempted to have some for breakfast. I also slept better last night than I have in weeks. I bet the soothing smell of the chili made that happen too.

Chili is like a wonder drug.

On my way to lunch today, I saw one of those people standing on the corner dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. They were trying to get people to come in for taxes. You see them everywhere. Sometimes for taxes, sometimes for pizza, a lot of times for Halloween stores. This one only stood out because she was talking to an even bigger Statue of Liberty. Like nine feet tall. The second one was in a full on mascot outfit. The first just had on a costume.

I dont know if they were discussing their trade, strategizing better tactics, or possible they were from different tax stores and were about to throw down to see who would retain that particular corner. It was a little odd looking though.

On my way back from lunch, only the larger of the two remained.

mmmm, chili for dinner.

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