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Back in December, I may have mentioned, I bought a new camera for the Squid to replace the one that was dropped, and consequently broke. Fry's was having a deal at the time for a free printer with the purchase of any digital camera. Actually, it was a refund. If you pay for the $75 printer, you could apply for the refund.

I am never sure about refunds. Especially if I have to fill out a bunch of stuff and send in the specific bits. I did everything though, and waited. A couple weeks ago, I went online to the Epson site to get information on the status of my rebate since part of the paperwork stated that I could check the status after a couple weeks. It had been a month by that time, but they website found no record of my rebate at all. So I figured it was just a lost cause.

Until yesterday. When Ninsi came in with the mail, there was a large envelope from Epson, and it contained a check for $75. Woot! The free printer was actually free. Minus the sales tax. I still prefer the Staples way to do rebates. They give you a receipt with a web address and you can do the whole process online. You get your rebate check a lot quicker and less chance of screwing something up.

In other news, yeah, the economy.

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