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Ninsi and I have pretty much stopped going to the gym for the time being. We're working out more at home instead. I haven't canceled our memberships yet, but if we continue to work out enough at the house, I will. We're mostly walking. And using the dumbbells while we walk. Im actually a little sore today. It's taken a few days to get to this point though. I think it was the wearing of the chainmail to add some extra weight that did it.

Mardi Gras is next week. We're not going to New Orleans. I dont know that we will really be doing anything in celebration. This weekend is the Super Bowl, so I'll probably watch that. And Im sure most of the clubs and bars down town will be doing things in recognition of the game and the party. Ninsi and I will most likely lay low on Saturday though since we're going to the Floggy Molly show on Sunday right after the game. I expect that to be a good time.

In other news: stupid economy.

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