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Campaign promises

Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barak, has called our house twice in the last week. She keeps telling me to press the number '1' on my phone. Im tempted to do it just to make her stop calling. At the same time, Im wondering how many times she will call if I dont. Or even if pressing it will stop the calls.

Ive been starting to listen to Pandora a lot more at work. Probably will until they tell me to stop.

My mind is too muddled with various work issues to think of any of the things I meant to write about this week. Ive been planning to blog all week. Just haven't had the time. And really dont have time as I write this. But I was not about to let the week end with just one entry.

I think the Oscars are coming up soon. If I could care less than I do, I would.

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