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Made it back from OK yesterday fairly early. About three pm, or so. Had plenty of daylight left in which to work in the yard, or clean up around the house. But I did neither of those things. Instead, I did our taxes. Great fun, that. But it wasn't all bad. We are at least getting something of a refund. I thought I would be able to deduct my lasik surgery and other medical expenses for the year, but those did not total more than 7.5% of our Adjusted Gross. I wasnt aware of the 7.5% issue when I initially thought Id be able to deduct. No matter. It's done. Maybe we'll get our refund by the end of the month.

After the taxes were done, I went to pick up Ninsi at the airport and we went on to dinner. Her allergies have been acting up, so the plane ride was unpleasant. And now we are getting ready to head up to OK again on Saturday. This should be the last trip for at least a month.

I am tired of teh driving.

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