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It's less than a month til Spring. Time to get the yard in order. Which is what I started doing yesterday.

I mowed the front yard down to about an inch tall, after pulling out all the dandelions I could find. Then got the spreader and laid out new grass seed and fertilizer. And then watered it all. I didnt see any birds eating the seeds, but I bet they did. Im debating getting a pellet gun in case I catch them at it.

Moved to the backyard after that. It has been a mess for a while. Lots of excess wood laying around. I spent about two hours cleaning that up, at least to the point where I can haul it all off as soon as I borrow a truck from someone. That may be my plan for this coming weekend.

Im ready for longer days so I can get more done after work. Though, if the Squid comes down for Spring Break, I'll probably take off work most of that week and get a lot done then anyway.

Im really starting to be annoyed by Mondays. They interfere too much with my weekends.

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