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Sometimes, the coincidence is just too great.

So, Saturday, Ninsi and I drove up to Guthrie for her great grandmother's birthday celebration. It rained the whole time. The. Whole. Time. We took both of our cameras. The new digital camcorder from Christmas, and the little digital still cam we've had for a few years now. Tracy took a few pictures and then, randomly, the camera just stopped working. It wasnt the battery, the camera acted like something had just come lose inside and the lens would not close anymore and it was showing an error on the viewscreen. You can still view the pictures already taken, but it no longer will take new pics. Im not sure if it would be worth the expense to get it fixed or not. The non-funny thing is that on Thursday, I was cleaning out the office, and found all of the stuff from when we bought the camera. The owner's manual, the original box, the receipt, all of it. But decided we did not need any of that any more. So on Friday, all of that went out with the trash. The camera broke on Saturday. Wtf?

I went outside yesterday and realized that my yard is being overrun by dandelions. I thought I had taken care of them last year, but apparently I failed. I spent an hour pulling them up yesterday and still have a ways to go yet. I'll not let them have the front yard. This weekend, I'll go on a major offensive to completely rid the yard of all dandelion spawn. I 'spect I will had quite a bit to the four piles of pulled plants I have already created.

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